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Having grown up in the ‘50's in the TV world of Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger and Rawhide, one naturally had a connection to horses. It was part of the fabric of this country at the time. Although I was raised on a 500 acre farm and always wanted one, we never had a horse. Horses have very distinct personalities and physical looks. I love to create horses in action, a gestural 3-dimensional drawing with metal. I exaggerate the form as with all work, giving it a sense of what I see and feel it to be. I love to work with the line, weight, movement, the essence of the form, the negative space in defining the form and character. I strive to capture the personality of horses, more than a specific realistic representation of one particular horse.

Blue Salutation Blue Small Salutation Chestnut Ridge Making the Move
Over There Blues Red Bucking Billy Radiant Classic A Real Showboat
Beyond The Ridge Big Red Black Stallion The Cutter
Wild Spirit Through the Marsh Blue Ridge The Polo Player Salute Bucking Billy Cutting Horse W On Fire
Small Grazing Wild One Small Salutation Little Joe
Bucking Spirit Over There Runner Salutation
Sugarfoot Showboat Showboat Showboat Showboat Showboat Medium Showboat Dressage Classic A Red Classic Beyond the Ridge Red Blue Ridge Black Stallion Reflective Spirit Red Salutation A Red Salutation Red Stalliont


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