Public Art

“Any landscape is a condition of the spirit.”
– Henri Frederic Amiel, 1821 – 1881

A place for relaxation, celebration, meditation…outdoor spaces have moved beyond straight rows of plants and paver perfection to the creation of retreats to energize the spirit and sooth the soul. Whether an outdoor room, a ocean view patio, or a secret garden nook, incorporating these places and spaces into your environment is an extension of your living space. The “outdoors” has morphed from space outside of the walls to an integral part of your daily routine.  The breakfast nook can be adjacent to the kitchen or the pool or a herb garden pot.

ArtScaping is a collaboration of design and intuition. A partnership of art created by Man and that of Mother Nature. It is a unique celebration of the elements – earth, water, light, and air. When combined with artistic elements as sculpture, the art expands the elements and heightens the impact of both the art piece and the elements.

Choosing art to transform a place into a personal space is not unlike choosing the elements that comprise interior or landscape design. Color, form, texture, line, scale, symmetry and focal point all play into the choice. 

However unlike interior or landscape design, ArtScaping elevates the space and makes a greater statement about the selection process and the designer him or herself. 

The sculptures of Al Glann have a unique ability to move beyond just capturing the imagination of the viewer by moving the eye beyond the pedestal to the surrounding arena. Whether a focal point in a poolscape or an anchor to a planting area or an indoor nook, these works make a statement about the design…as well as you, the designer.


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